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Say goodbye to Wix website builder: Get your dream website at Free Website Builder!

If you're thinking about building a website, you'll probably have heard of Wix website builder. But what if we told you that there's a better option out there? At Free Website Builder, we offer a platform that'll save you time, money and hassle. 

Our platform is designed to make website building simple and accessible to everyone - we don’t believe that you need to be an expert in coding to create a beautiful, functional website. Our user-friendly builder requires no technical knowledge, so you can say goodbye to the headaches that come with hiring a web developer or wrangling with Wix code editor.

Just take a quick look at the explanation video provided on the right, and then begin constructing your own website within minutes, at no cost today!
To create a website valued at £2,000 for FREE right now, 
in just a few minutes…
Click Here
To create a website valued at £2,000 for FREE right now, 
in just a few minutes…
Click Here

However, please click the green text below if you need advanced or personalised complex custom Wordpress website development

Discover why our customers love using Free Website Builder - Hear the reviews straight from them!

Rosie Whitehead
The website development service offered by Free Website Builder is truly exceptional! From beginning to end, they have created a stunning and practical website for my business that has helped me attract new customers and expand my brand.
Jonathan Frost
I cannot recommend this website development and hosting service enough! They made the process of building my website effortless and stress-free. The team was supportive and responsive throughout the whole process. The best part is that it didn't cost me a lot!

Sebastian Armstrong
The website development and hosting are both first-rate and have exceeded my expectations. The website templates are modern and customisable, and the hosting is dependable with no downtime. I also appreciate the user-friendly interface that makes it easy for me to manage my website. Thank you, Free Website Builder!

How Do I Get Started

Build your dream website in minutes with our simple website builder. Check out how to get started below!

Choose your template

Browse through our vast collection of templates & select one that best suits your brand.

Customise your design

Add your content, images and branding elements to make it pop! Our platform is user-friendly and intuitive.

Launch your site

After designing, publish your website with just a click. Share it on social media and start building your online presence.

Our builder not only offers a hassle-free experience but also provides affordable hosting with feature stuffed Lightspeed. We use only cloud-based Litespeed servers which offer the fastest and best WordPress hosting available. By providing you with an amazing site and top-quality hosting, we ensure that your website performs at its best - all the time. You can enjoy all of these features at a low monthly cost, which comes as standard, with no need to sign up for lengthy contracts.

And unlike other website builders, we also ensure that your website is consistently mobile-friendly with sites being mobile- and SEO-optimised, so that your website can rank higher on search engines without you having to pay a penny for costly services.

We provide designs optimised for conversion and specifically created to have maximum impact and to increase the number of visitor enquiries, resulting in more leads and sales for your website.

So why waste your time and money with Wix website builder? Start building your dream website for free with us today!

Customize Your
Website to Match
Your Individual Needs

First choose your designs, then
personalise colours & fonts, all for FREE
Start Your FREE Website
Customise Your Website to Match Your Individual Needs
First choose your designs, then personalise colours & fonts, all for FREE!
Start Your Free Website

Experience the unmatched customer service of Free Website Builder, far superior to Wix website builder

At Free Website Builder, we understand that creating a website can be daunting for many. We pride ourselves on providing a user-friendly website-building platform that even the most inexperienced individual can navigate with ease.

We believe that our customers should have access to all the resources necessary to build their dream website. As such, we provide video tutorials that act as guides, and how-to articles that can help you overcome any challenge that you may encounter while building your site.

We understand the challenges of building a website, and we work hard to ensure that the design experience is as smooth as possible by making the best platform for you. So why settle for anything less? Choose us and experience the unmatched level of customer satisfaction that sets us apart from the rest.

Unleash your online potential: Why Free Website Builder beats Wix website builder hands down

With our free website builder, you can easily create a stunning website in just minutes. Don't waste time fumbling around with complicated web design software when you could be showcasing your brand to the world. 

Unlike Wix website builder, our platform is user-friendly and intuitive, offering a range of features to design your website to your exact specifications. Plus, with our hosting plans, your online presence is made all the more powerful. 

So why settle for second best? Upgrade to our free website builder today and unleash your online potential! Let us help you achieve your business solution.

Discover the ultimate list of amazing features and benefits from Free Website Builder

With Free Website Builder, creating a stunning online presence has never been easier. Our platform is designed to help you stand out from competitors and attract more customers with ease. We offer a wide range of built-in features and benefits that are tailored to meet your specific needs. So, let us take you through our list of key features and benefits that we offer to enhance your online presence.
Affordable hosting packages with no additional costs for initial development or setup.
Boost your website's ranking with our SEO-friendly platform and outdo competitors who are not optimised for SEO.
Our website has been optimised for mobile devices, so your audiences can enjoy an improved browsing experience on their smartphones or tablets.
Create your own online store with advanced yet affordable eCommerce functionality and sell products or services directly from your website.
Our designs are focused on improving conversion rates. This means your website will be more effective at generating leads and sales by encouraging more visitor enquiries.
With Free Website Builder, we go the extra mile to ensure that you have all the extra features and tools you need to take your online presence to the next level. Our unique advanced features and benefits are unmatched in the industry and will help you achieve your online goals with ease. So why wait? Sign up today and start building your dream website.

Ready to take your business to the next level? Try our Free Website Builder today!

Are you ready to elevate your business to greater heights? Our Free Website Builder is the perfect tool to showcase your talent or products to the world. With our easy-to-use platform, you can create a stunning website quickly. Our team of experts have created a wealth of resources that can guide you through the process to create a custom design tailored to your needs.

With our Free Website Builder, you can reach a wider audience and increase your online visibility. After all, a professional website is essential for any business looking to grow in today's digital age.

Don't wait any longer to get the creative control you need to build your dream website and take your business to the next level. Try using our free website builder now.

Customize Your
Website to Match
Your Individual Needs

First choose your designs, then
personalise colours & fonts, all for FREE
Start Your FREE Website
Nothing to Pay, Zero Risk & Created in Minutes !
Everything to gain & nothing to lose… get started now
Start Your Free Website

FAQs - Everything you need to know about Wix website builder and why Free Website Builder is better

What is Wix website builder and how does it work?

Wix website builder is a cloud-based platform that allows users to create and design websites without any knowledge of coding. It provides various features, designs, and drag and drop tools that make it easy to build a website in minutes. However, the free version has more limitations imposed on the user than Free Website Builder does, such as a limited design palette and ads on your site which could stop you and your visitors from having a well-rounded experience.

What makes Free Website Builder better than Wix website builder?

Free Website Builder provides a better offer as its initial development options are 100% free of charge. You only have to pay for the hosting plan, which starts at £18 a month, rising to £49/month for expertly managed hosting. If you do want add-ons and technical and security assistance, you will only have to pay a minimal rate. While Wix website builder has limitations on the features available, Free Website Builder allows the user to have access to more affordable features. 

Can I create an e-Commerce website with Wix website builder?

Yes, Wix website builder offers e-commerce capabilities through their business and e-commerce plans. However, these plans can be expensive and difficult to navigate. Free Website Builder, on the other hand, offers advanced e-Commerce functionality with no complicated steps and all at a cost-effective price.

Can I use Wix website builder to create an e-Commerce website?

Yes, Wix website builder provides a wide range of e-Commerce features that help you create an online store. However, this feature is only available on premium plans which can be expensive. This makes Free Website Builder a better and more affordable option. 

Is Wix website builder suitable for beginners?

Yes, Wix website builder is an ideal platform for beginners, as it is simple and easy to use. That notwithstanding, various limitations apply while using the free version, whereas on Free Website Builder, everything is more affordable with its free development set-up and minimal rate for add-ons.

Create a zero cost professional website today with Free Website Builder.
And then maximise your online sales with our full range of professional digital marketing support services.
Create a zero cost professional website today with Free Website Builder.
And then maximise your online sales with our full range of professional digital marketing support services.
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