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Get a professional website that’s right for your needs with Free Website Builder

Looking to create a professional website easily and affordably with a trusted service provider? Try Free Website Builder! 

Our user-friendly platform allows anyone to create a stunning website quickly, regardless of their experience level. With our free website builder, you can access all the features you need without any hassle. Customise your site exactly how you want it with our intuitive drag-and-drop editor.

By simply watching the short video explanation on the right, you can effortlessly build your own website in just a few minutes, completely free today!
To create a website valued at £2,000 for FREE right now, 
in just a few minutes…
Click Here
To create a website valued at £2,000 for FREE right now, 
in just a few minutes…
Click Here

However, please click the green text below if you need advanced or personalised complex custom Wordpress website development

Read what our satisfied clients are saying about Free Website Builder!

Rosie Whitehead
The website development service offered by Free Website Builder is truly exceptional! From beginning to end, they have created a stunning and practical website for my business that has helped me attract new customers and expand my brand.
Jonathan Frost
I cannot recommend this website development and hosting service enough! They made the process of building my website effortless and stress-free. The team was supportive and responsive throughout the whole process. The best part is that it didn't cost me a lot!

Sebastian Armstrong
The website development and hosting are both first-rate and have exceeded my expectations. The website templates are modern and customisable, and the hosting is dependable with no downtime. I also appreciate the user-friendly interface that makes it easy for me to manage my website. Thank you, Free Website Builder!

How Do I Get Started

Build your dream website in minutes with our simple website builder. Check out how to get started below!

Choose your template

Browse through our vast collection of templates & select one that best suits your brand.

Customise your design

Add your content, images and branding elements to make it pop! Our platform is user-friendly and intuitive.

Launch your site

After designing, publish your website with just a click. Share it on social media and start building your online presence.

Our platform provides an easy and hassle-free user experience for creating and launching your website. It includes numerous free and paid features and hundreds of free customisable designs that cater to various types of businesses, including e-commerce stores, freelancers, and more.

Additionally, our powerful tools such as SEO optimisation and secure hosting for an affordable price ensure that your website looks great and performs exceptionally well online.

We offer first-class services to help you whenever you need them. Our team is available and can answer questions or resolve any issues you have about creating your website.

Start building your website today with Free Website Builder without any delay!

Customize Your
Website to Match
Your Individual Needs

First choose your designs, then
personalise colours & fonts, all for FREE
Start Your FREE Website
Customise Your Website to Match Your Individual Needs
First choose your designs, then personalise colours & fonts, all for FREE!
Start Your Free Website

Free Website Builder: Exceptional customer service for your business

Free Website Builder is an exceptional free website builder company that provides businesses with the tools to create a professional and innovative web presence.

Our service is renowned for being fast, reliable and easy to use; and whether businesses are looking for simple website design or more complex feature sets, we have them covered.

We are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction by providing exceptional services. Our website-building solutions are outstanding, and we encourage you to choose us for your needs.

Create your dream website with Free Website Builder today!

Free Website Builder is the perfect choice for businesses seeking a complete website-building solution. Its powerful features and a user-friendly interface allow users to create amazing websites quickly. 

Additionally, there are various design options available to meet each company's specific needs. Most importantly, it is entirely free to use! 

You won't find a more comprehensive and robust website-building solution without having to spend a penny on building your site anywhere else. Therefore, don't delay any further! Start building your website today with our company's help!

Enjoy a free and easy-to-use website builder with incredible benefits

The internet can be a complex and intimidating place, but finding the perfect website builder doesn't have to be. Our platform offers users an intuitive, straightforward way to create beautiful websites without any coding knowledge. Plus, customers don’t pay a penny to develop their sites – they only pay for hosting at an affordable rate to get the site online. With our free website builder company, you'll get access to features and benefits that are sure to take your business or blog to the next level. Here's a list of just some of the unique offerings our platform provides:
SEO-friendly websites: Our sites are optimised to make sure the page loading speeds will pass Google's Lighthouse tests, so your content can reach maximum visibility.
Customisable designs: Make your site stand out from the crowd with designs you can customise specifically for your business and branding.
Easy-to-use drag and drop interface - Our intuitive interface and superior hosting solutions allow you to easily design and launch your website in just a few clicks, without any coding skills required.
Responsive sites: All pages built using our platform will look great on any device, thanks to responsive design technology.
Fast and reliable hosting - Our cloud-based servers ensure maximum performance and uptime, keeping your website running smoothly and efficiently.
Our free website builder is one of the most cost-effective solutions available today for creating a professional website or blog quickly and easily. We pride ourselves in offering powerful features and benefits designed to help small businesses succeed online without breaking their budget. Try us out today and discover the difference we can make!

Unlock your website potential with Free Website Builder

Free Website Builder offers an effortless and inexpensive solution to create a website and get online swiftly and efficiently. We offer a drag-and-drop interface with customisation options for both content and design, along with several powerful additional features if you need them.

We also offer an affordable hosting package and you do not require coding knowledge to create the site of your dreams. With this tool, you can make a beautiful website in just a few minutes. 

Our company provides free website builder options with excellent additional features if you need them, so you don't have to spend a lot of money. Don't hesitate to take charge of your online presence now and discover your website's potential with us!

Customize Your
Website to Match
Your Individual Needs

First choose your designs, then
personalise colours & fonts, all for FREE
Start Your FREE Website
Nothing to Pay, Zero Risk & Created in Minutes !
Everything to gain & nothing to lose… get started now
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FAQs about free website builders

What is a free website builder?

A free website builder is software or an online platform that lets people and businesses design their own websites with no coding experience needed. The website builder offers various features and publishing tools like drag-and-drop page building, themes, analytics tools and more, either for free or at a low cost.

What are the advantages of using a free website builder?

Creating a website without spending a stack of money on a developer is possible by using a free website builder. This option allows users to easily set up a professional-looking website with a lot of freedom to customise the site to their requirements and all without needing any technical skills. Furthermore, it provides users with the flexibility to have complete control over their website's content and design by allowing them to add various elements such as text, images, videos, etc. without the need for external help from developers or designers. 

How can I begin building my website with a free website builder?

To begin building your website using our free website builder, first watch our quick video that explains the process. Then, depending on the type of site you want to set up (business brochure, an ecommerce site etc.), choose one of the available designs. Use the tools to drag and drop your desired sections and elements where you want them, then choose from an extensive colour palette and range of fonts. After you’re done, create an account with the service provider and arrange for hosting so your site will be visible online.

How long does it take to build my own site with a free website builder?

The amount of time it takes to create your website will vary based on how complex your chosen design is. However, after you become familiar with the features of the free website builder platform you've chosen, it can typically be completed within a few hours. Additionally, many websites now have automated wizards that provide detailed instructions on how to use all of the functions available, which can make the process even faster. 

What further steps do I need after creating my site via a free website builder?

It is advisable to conduct routine maintenance tasks, including backups and security checks, to safeguard your website and data from external threats while maintaining accessibility if you have built your website using a popular free website builder. We always recommend signing up for a managed hosting plan when getting your site online, as then the experts will take care of much of this for you. Furthermore, depending on your business/organisation's nature, you may want to think about investing in extra features and services, such as social media marketing tools, application firewalls, and Search Engine Optimisation.

Create a zero cost professional website today with Free Website Builder.
And then maximise your online sales with our full range of professional digital marketing support services.
Create a zero cost professional website today with Free Website Builder.
And then maximise your online sales with our full range of professional digital marketing support services.
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